About us

The owners, Elín and Borgar, are not your typical Icelandic couple. When Elín met Borgar she had one young son and was finishing a degree in sociology. Borgar, a carpenter, had fallen in love with East Africa and had spent months travelling around Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, most often sleeping in tents and cooking over an open fire. This "wild man" and Elín fell in love and a few years later had their son, Máni (Moon). They decided to move to Denmark and lived there on a farm. When Máni was 9 months, and Elín's older son, Þorgeir, was nine years old, they packed their bags and drove to Africa. Elín soon became as adventurous as Borgar and loved the freedom of travelling and living an unconventional lifestyle. After they came back from Africa, their second son was born, Steinn (Stone). The three boys are all brought up travelling back and forth to Africa, but most of their time they lived in an old house in Hafnarfjörður, which Borgar fixed up himself.

A few years ago they bought an old farm and the surrounding land in Hrífunes. In the beginning they thought it would be a nice summer house for the family, but of course they couldn't relax! Soon they opened Glacier View Guesthouse and the tourists started coming, and loving it. Elín is the best host, welcoming everyone with a open heart and open mind. She is also the greatest cook. Her food is often spiced up with flavors from Africa, although the base of the food is pure Icelandic; lamb, fish and skyr. The smell of her freshly baked bread will greet the guests every morning and what better way to start the day!

Glacier View Guesthouse is situated 220 km east of Reykjavik, a pleasant 3 hours drive along the main ring road where you will pass many waterfalls and mountains as well as glaciers. After passing the town of VÍK, in the south of Iceland, you continue for another 40 km east and turn off the main road after the Hrífunes sign. From there you carry on for another 5 minutes before reaching Glacier View Guesthouse.